Apple & Checks Wooden Stool

Dress up that old wooden stool with this Apple & Check Combination!

Materials Used:

#4237 Country Apple $12.00

#149L Checkerboard (1 Checks) $12.00

Paint Kit $22.00 (2 Raw Linen, 63 Mushroom, 64 Dark Mushroom, 55 Corduroy,

Black, 35 Barn Red, 19 Charcoal, 51 Wicker, 77 Pine Needle, Extender)

Right Step Matte or Satin Varnish - $7.50

Wooden Stool (12 Diameter) Not available through American Home Stencils, Inc.



Lightly sand top of stool to remove finish. Basecoat with 2 coats of Raw Linen. Dry thoroughly in between coats.


Lightly stencil Checks (#149L) with Wicker. It helps to add a bit of Extender to the paint to achieve this effect.


#4237 Country Apple:

Overlay 1 Stencil leaves with Mushroom, then shade with Dark Mushroom.

Overlay 2 Stencil branches with Corduroy, then shade randomly with Black.

Overlay 3 Stencil berries & apple with Barn Red, then shade apple with Charcoal.


Using a very dry stencil brush with Pine Needle & Extender, softly dust around the edge of stool top. Paint the outer edge of stool top with Pine Needle.


Let dry for a day or two, then varnish with 2 coats of Right Step Varnish.



Paint Kits are not available online. To order all materials used for this project, please call 1-800-742-4520, M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm.